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One Belt One Road Lighting Industry Delegation Visits NVC Date:2017-09-21

On September 21,2017
the One Belt One Road Lighting Industry Cooperation Forum held its 2017 Lighting Industry Supply Chain Conference in Huizhou.
The day's events were divided into three main parts: the lighting industry supply chain conference, the lighting industry development forum and the One Belt One Road lighting industry cooperation forum.
About 50 government officials, industry leaders and media representatives visited NVC with NVC Chairman Mr. Donglei Wang (Tony), NVC President Mr. Peng Zhang, NVC Vice-president Mr. Anthony Tan and NVC Chief Brand Officer Mrs. Yinghua Du attended the One Belt One Road lighting industry cooperation forum.

In the morning of September 21, the delegation visited NVC's brand culture exhibition hall, test center and driver assembly factory where they learned about NVC's research and development projects. 
The delegation visited the brand culture exhibition hall to learn about NVC's brand culture, company honors, project case studies, manufacturing plants and development strategy.

Visiting the NVC test center and driver assembly factory, the delegation saw our advanced R & D equipment and T5 batten production line for overseas markets.

The delegation with NVC management

In the afternoon, Department of Commerce officials, company representatives and industry association representatives all attended the One Belt One Road Lighting Industry Cooperation Forum to share and discuss lighting industry development plans.

The One Belt One Road Lighting Industry Cooperation Forum

NVC Vice-president Mr. Anthony Tan shared NVC's experiences of One Belt One Road. Anthony said that, as the biggest lighting company in China, NVC regarded going global as one of our responsibilities to help Chinese brands in general to become world brands.

NVC Vice-president Mr. Anthony Tan

With the help of the One Belt One Road policy, NVC has already gained market exposure not only in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets, but also in the UK.  
NVC has invested heavily in its UK subsidiary and this helped NVC UK to be given an award called the Best Chinese Investment in the UK from the UK Department of Commerce. The award was given because of the NVC UK's localization strategy combining the advantages of R&D in UK and manufacturing in China to bring job opportunities, good products and investments to the UK.
With the One Belt One Road policy NVC has clear opportunities in the global market. 
To advance NVC's localization strategy in the world, NVC has regional offices in Brazil, the Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asia and our sales network covers more than 40 countries, so we have already laid the foundations for growth in international markets.
In 2016, NVC Brazil won the tender for the lighting of Madureira Park on the Olymipc site. NVC offered extraordinary service with high-end products and professional lighting solutions to make it an amazing Olympic project. 
What's more, the Chinese International Channel of CCTV gave a 6 minutes report on this which enabled NVC's IP68 products, technology and the NVC brand itself to catch people's attention.

2016 Rio Olympic Games - MadureiraPark - Brazil

Currently, NVC UK is one of the 10 largest lighting companies in UK.  In 2016, NVC UK featured in CBBC's (China-Britain Business Council's) China-Britain Belt and Road Case Study Report.
When visiting NVC, Consul General Mr. Alastair Morgan from the British Consulate in Guangzhou said they were very glad to support and assist NVC's investment in UK and its expansion into the UK lighting market. He also expected NVC to develop more advanced products in the future.
According to the CBBC report, NVC developed rapidly in the UK and became a successful company thanks to investment from China. Using this as an exemplar, NVC hopes to bring new business opportunities, construction and development from China to the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe riding on the success of China's One Belt One Road policy.

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