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New sub-brand of NVC: Berkeley is coming Date:2016-11-10

1.     Berkeley-Simple Art & Modern Life
Berkeley is NVC's new sub-brand. It embodies a modern minimalist design language, with blend of science and technology, to reveal true life. Using refined lines, vivid colors and focusing on every detail, Berkeley defines a new modern living style for a youthful Chinese generation.

2.     Berkeley was launched into market
At15:00, Oct-23rd, the press conference of Berkeley from NVC Group, whose theme is "Simple art & Modern Life", was held in Crown Plaza Hotel in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.

Shaohui Fu (GM) introduces new products

Many famous industry leaders attended the press conference, among there were Shengping Liu, the President of China Lighting Applicance Association; Linping Dou, the General Secretary of China Illuminating Engineering Society; Yufeng Zhang, the General Secretary of Electric Department in China Building Decoration Association; Wenfeng Wu, the President of Guangdong Lighting Appliance Association; Donglei Wang, the Chairman of NVC Group; Peng Zhang, the President of NVC Group; Xianjin Zeng, Huagang Luo, the Vice Presidents of NVC Group and other leaders.

NVC Chairman Donglei Wang and other industry leaders are sharing ideas

After the channel construction, product upgrading and brand building for about 20 years, NVC has become a well-known lighting leading enterprise with brand value of 15.397 billion yuan. NVC ranked first in the lighting industry for five consecutive years. In 2016, NVC Chariman Donglei Wang puts forward the concept of "technology + art" to achieve dual-engine growth model of "commercial lighting + residential lighting". So NVC launches a new modern minimalist brand Berkeley, which attracts wide discussion and concern.

Donglei Wang, NVC Chairman

In the conference, NVC Chairman Donglei Wang discussed with industry leaders about the future development direction of home furnishing industry. At the same time, they also discussed how Berkeley's launch started new pattern for residential lighting in China and how to bring residential lighting into a higher level. Insights that will serve as a guide for Berkeley's development.

3. Strong design team
NVC did a lot of preparation work for Berkeley which including detailed market research, top designers cooperation and high sense of retail design etc. As for designers, NVC invites UK design master Sebastian, who won many international prizes and patents and his design team. They all are professional and experienced in residential lighting. NVC will also invite top design masters from Italy, France and other countries to join into Berkeley's design team in the future.

Design team of Berkeley

In long-term development plan, Berkeley will not only focus on lighting, but it will be a home furnishing brand which is including lighting, furniture and decoration etc. With many brand operation experience and professional management team resources of NVC, we believe that Berkeley will have a bright future!