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2016 NVC new products& upgraded products (spring) Date:2016-04-21

NVC NLED49* series LED waterproof battens, upgrated  product of former LED waterproof batten.
 Impact, dust and jet-proof LED luminaries for indoor and outdoor applications. High lumen efficiency up to 100lm/w. Separate LED drivers for each LED strip means that if one driver fails it won't affect the other one, so one LED strip keeps working. keep the same appearance, but more convenient!

NVC LED panels represent an excellent and right deal for those looking for professional and efficient lighting.
NLED450* series side-lit and NLED420* back-lit LED panel, with high luminous efficiency up to 100lm/w, high PF with competitive price, unique design for various installation, suitable for office buildings, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, labs and so on

NLED1180 series down light,  uses just two light-engines (10W & 13W), but has a wide choice of attachments - and they can all be added and changed after installation. Our range of LED downlights is really adaptable.

Easy to install - Fit the driver first, then decorate, then plug-in the light engine.
Easy to maintain - If you need to replace a driver or light-engine, simply unplug, replace, and plug-in again
Easy to refurbish - If you want to change the appearance, remove the old attachment and fit a new one. No need to change the light-engine or driver.
Reduced inventory costs - Separate light-engines and attachments means you can offer maximum choice with the lowest amount of inventory.

NVC LED T8M tubes - Long-life LED tubes for high temperature use.
The NVC LED T8M range is designed to generate less heat, to withstand a higher temperature and still generate the same amount of light as an ordinary LED tube.
Lower power - In most LED tubes the chips are running at 0.5W. We run our chips at just 0.2W, so they stay cooler.
More efficient - Despite running at lower power, our chips have the same output as standard LED chips.
Better driver - The i/c in the driver is a critical component, and ours is rated to a higher temperature than ordinary driver i/cs, so the driver lasts longer at higher temperatures.

NVC  NLED9610 50W LED down light. Recessed luminaries with high power are suitable for tting into high plasterboard ceilings. Its design does not interfere with the atmosphere of the room. Die-cast aluminum twist-and-lock front bezel for IP20 version, and die-cast aluminum screw xed front bezel for IP65 version, specially designed for outdoor courtyards, exhibition halls, lobbies and other locations with high ceiling.