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New products in November Date:2016-01-05

NVC COB surface mounted down light - NLEDM910*series, with the surface-mounted down light, some light is directed towards the ceiling to create a smooth transition between the ceiling and the luminaries. More installation version, more lighting design.

If you want a high quality of light and color rendering for your store, without having to compromise on energy savings, then NVC TLED320A/B/C track light is exactly what you are looking for. It also delivers significant energy savings and eliminates the need for lamp replacement - a tremendous advantage over halogen.

For those who are looking for value for money within limited budget and re-lamping efforts for light effect and lifetime. NVC brings out economic LED T8 tube-LED T8E-II and economic LED T8 batten-NLED480E. Not only higher light output, energy saving, longer lifespan, but also environment friendly, green light for all the users.

NVC T5G-II batten, new member in T5G family, extremely high lumen 2000lm for 18W, equal to or even greater than LED T8 tube. Slim and compact, can be series connected for cove lighting in your home, supermarket, hotel. Thanks to the high lumen, making every corner glow with style.