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Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club is in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

In recent years the economy of Qatar has grown rapidly with wealth flowing into Doha chiefly from the country's massive reserves of natural gas. This has enabled the local horse racing scene, based at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, to expand and flourish.

The club is the centre of horse racing in Qatar, and consists of a racing track, grandstand and a full range of related facilities including stables, an indoor arena, veterinary and quarantine centres, an equine swimming pool and a farriers'centre.

Racing takes place every Wednesday and Thursday evening, from October to May.  The royal family of Qatar, led by the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, takes a keen interest in horse racing, and members of the Al Thani family are often present.

Lighting the QREC

When first built the exterior lighting in and around the QREC was mostly metal-halide, the best and most appropriate technology available at the time. In recent years this had become unreliable; individual fittings were failing, spares were hard to obtain and the installation was expensive to run both in terms of its power consumption and maintenance.

A decision was taken to upgrade to LED lighting in several phases and the QREC turned to a well-known local contractor, Theart.

Theart has had a growing presence in Qatar for more than 10 years, and is also active in Lebanon and Jordan. The firm consist of several specialist divisions for metal fabrications, joinery, fit-out, and the design and manufacture of signage and display systems. The owner, Ahmad Mustapha takes a keen interest in new technology, new construction techniques and innovative design.

Before and after comparison-tunnel


 NVC has a range of suitable light fittings for almost every area at the QREC. The main areas to be lit included the gardens at the entrance to the club, the tunnel leading from the stables to the race track, the high walls surrounding parts of the club and the facades of the main buildings, such as the quarantine centre and the equestrian swimming pool.


NVC was offering a lighting design service. Because the QREC is a high-profile venue in Doha, frequently used by dignitaries and members of the royal family, it was essential that the best lighting effects were achieved.


 NVC was chosen because they have a local office in Doha offering technical support and carrying a stock of spare parts in case of emergencies or failures.

Work started in 2015 and three phases of installation have been completed. So far, the tunnel, the walls and facades have all been lit with NVC's LED surface wall lights. Most of these are controlled with a dusk/dawn photocell.

The garden area at the main public entrance to the QREC has been lit with several different fittings, including in-ground LED lights and garden lights mounted on spikes.

The main function of these lights is to illuminate the topiary bushes, sculpted in the form of horses, that decorate the entrance. These topiary bushes were imported from Italy at considerable cost, so it was important that they were well lit. 

The spike-mounted fittings from NVC were especially suitable because they can be easily removed. This is necessary because every year, at the end of the racing season in May when the weather starts to get very hot, the bushes are removed from the ground and transported to an air-conditioned facility where they can continue to grow through the summer before being returned to the QREC for the start of the racing season in October.  Spike-mounted LED fittings enable this operation to be performed easily.

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